Электрический освежитель воздуха - Arola - Odświeżacz elektryczny
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Электрический освежитель воздуха - Arola - Odświeżacz elektryczny

General Fresh - Arola
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Электрический освежитель воздуха будет  наполнять твой дом обворожительным ароматом на протяжении 80-ти дней.



This appliance can be used by children aged 8 and older and by persons with limited physical and mental capabilities, and by persons who have no experience or knowledge of the appliance only under supervision or if instructed on the safe use of the appliance so that the associated risks are understood. Children should not play with the appliance. Children should not clean or maintain the appliance without supervision. Electric air freshener will fill your house with charming fragrances lasting up to 80 days (if activated/powered not more than 6h a day on average). Direction of use: 1. Keep the device so that the bottle was in an upright position. 2. Remove the cap and place the bottle inside the device. 3. Plug in the device (voltage 230V, 50Hz). While using electric appliances take all necessary precautions. Use the device only in accordance with the manual. Store the closed bottle always in a vertical position. Spilled liquid must be wiped dry instantly. Do not cover the devise as it can get hot while working. In case you use double electric outlet , use the upper one only. Do not place other devices just over the freshener. Always unplug the device while installing or exchanging the bottle. While electrified do not touch the device with wet hands or metal objects. Do not touch the wick. Do not place the device closer than 50 cm away  from varnished or plastic surfaces. Keep the packinging with the manual. Dispose of the device according to the rules for electric appliances.All available fragrances “General Fresh” can be used interchangeably with the same device. All stock of “General Fresh”  work well with all other “General Fresh” electrical air freshener devices. The Company is not hold responsible for any damages resulting from any misuse or use of other manufactures’ devices or bottles. 

    1. код:ELECT
    2. Вес нетто (кг):0,10
    3. Вес брутто (кг):1,30
    4. МАГ:60
    5. Таможенный кодекс:3307 4900